domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Poema en Ingles. English Poems


Lit candles. Faces. Memories,

and an entrance that´s rainbow: protection for the place

of rest and meditation.

Necklaces. Cempasuchitl, pre-Hispanic links, songs,

paper medals, flames talking to the wind

the diverse language departed.

It is the prime time of the celebration

or death´s needle,

It is the decomposition of matter, transformed into art…

Who could have imagined so much beauty on a tomb?

Mole. Glass of water. Copal. Salt. Prayers.

Firecrackers. Fruits. Bread. Music.

Corridos. Bolas. Romantic songs.

History, praised…

In Morelos everything is possible

Gloom battles with life and its victor,

it is once again for a little while, happines, live tradition

which overcomes reality.

It was before these ornate gravesites, when I knew

That in Ocotepec, as in my heart,

those that have departed return every year to remind us of their love.

And that only LOVE can save us.

Julie Sopetrán

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